PLI (Postal Life Insurance)

PLI (Postal Life Insurance)
Sl.No. Circular Number Date Subject
1 DA/Control/7-25/2015-16/196 12/08/2015 Deduction of premium from pay order remittance of the same by cheque to DPLI, Kolkata.
2 DA/Control/7-25/2015-16/158 22/07/2015 Collection of servic tax from the insurants at revised rate wef 01-06-2014
3 DA/Control/7-25/2015-16/73 09/06/2015 Preparation of proforma/annexure regarding monthly recovery schedules.
4 DA/Control/7-25/2014-15/416 02/02/2015 Monthly deduction of PLI alongwith service tax from January 2015 onwrads.